Are you considering layering your hair?

When your hairdresser layers your hair, they cut the top layer shorter than the layers beneath it. Properly done, layering can give the illusion of wonderful volume and texture. In short, layering can help tame hair or make it appear thick and lustrous. It sounds simple but there are considerations to bear in mind before you layer your one-length hair.

The upside of layers

To layer or not to layer? Sometimes you don’t have to make such a radical choice. For example, your hair stylist can cut some layers to frame your face but leave the rest of your hair one length. One of the great advantages of layers is that you can add movement and volume to hair that might otherwise be heavy, flat or limp. You can also highlight parts of your face such as cheeks or eyes. And if you’ve got curly hair then layers can be your best friend! Long layers can make your curls seem extra bouncy as they remove the weight in your hair.

And the downsides?

Layering isn’t always recommended for people with fine hair. You may end up with hair that looks too flat. Thick hair may also not be suited to layers as layers usually add volume and you already have that in abundance! You may also discover that your new layers need extra trips to the hair salon to keep them looking beautiful. And when you decide to grow layers out, you’ll need to remain patient. Like plants, some may develop fasters than others.

The secret to successful layering

Before you make a decision to get layers cut into your hair, have a proper discussion with your hair stylist. This is particularly useful if you speak to your regular hairdresser, someone who knows your style and preferences well. Together you can decide whether layers would suit your particular type of hair and face shape. Layers can be stunning and on trend but, like any major decision in life, careful thinking through the pros and cons will ensure you make the right choice.