More details on guidelines

Before your visit

Please do not attend your appointment if you have a sign of fever ( 38*C or above ) or if you are displaying any other COVID 19 symptoms

Please call us to make an appointment as there will be no walk-in appointments .

Our opening hours remain the same .


During your visit

When you first arrive there will be a sign on the door of the salon with guidance to help you understand what changes have been made.

Hand sanitisers will be available throughout the salon

Perspex screen will be installed at reception to ensure that the team and clients are protected.

Perspex screen will be installed between seats at the backwashes.

Our team will be wearing the required PPE, masks at all times and gloves when possible.

We require all clients to wear a mask. We encourage all the clients to bring their own mask with them to the salon, we have some spare in case if you don’t bring your own.

Each client will be given a freshly laundered gown – no gowns will be re-used ( Gowns will be laundered at 60*)

We will be using a combination of Disposable and Non-Disposable towels – but no towel will be used more than once and towels will be laundered at 60*)

Each station will be cleansed thoroughly between clients – as are hair tools – we are working closely with Barbicide ® to ensure your safety.

Bring as little as possible with you to your appointment, please avoid bringing shopping bags or large items with you

In line with current government guidelines, we are not allowing food to be consumed in the salon by clients.

Magazines have been removed from the salon because they are handled by multiple people and there’s not a good way for us to disinfect them. You may bring your own but please be sure you remove it with you when you leave.

Your stylist will use the mirror to speak with you rather than talking face to face. Please try to avoid turning to speak with them even at the beginning and end of your visit.

Touch as little as possible and avoid touching retail displays and hair product testers.



We ask that you arrive when your visit is scheduled to start and not earlier. For safety, we are limiting the number of people in a salon at any one time.

We also ask that you show up for your visit alone unless you need to bring a parent, guardian, or carer.

We may be able to accommodate consultations but will decide on a case by case basis whether we have the capacity.

We politely request that you notify the salon at least 48 hours in advance if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment to avoid paying a cancellation fee.

If clients are over 65 or vulnerable, we will do our best to accommodate them with the first appointment in the morning wherever possible. If you are in this group and wish to take advantage of this option please make it clear to us when booking.


There will be no price increases. However, there will be a temporary contribution of £1 added to your bill to cover the COVID 19 costs to make the Salon as safe as we possibly can during this difficult time.

We accept cash or cheques

Hair Services

We will not be able to perform some services during the initial
re-opening period, including :
Fringe cuts

Colour corrections


Standalone conditioning /repairing hair treatments

We shall continue to monitor guidelines from the government, take action and will update you accordingly.
We appreciate this is new to us all – please get in touch with us directly at the salon should you have any concerns.
We would like to add a Big Thank You for all your emails and comments on our social media that have been made in support of the salon and our team.